What has changed in Ventura 13.1?

The update to Ventura 13.1 is substantial, and brings changes in many parts of macOS. In addition to bringing the first release of Apple’s new collaborative diagramming app Freeform, there’s one easily visible improvement: open System Settings > Network and click on the … button at its foot. In that menu, the last options now restore access to Locations.

It has also been rumoured, but not confirmed yet by Apple, that 13.1 is the first release of macOS that supports Rapid Security Responses (RSRs), installation of small security patches in between macOS updates. That might have been delayed to 13.2, though, as testing of the new feature is apparently taking place with its beta-release at present.

Advanced Data Protection, a new package of end-to-end encrypted features for iCloud, has been added to System Settings > [Apple ID] > iCloud, but is currently only available to users in the USA.

Firmware is updated in more recent models. Intel Macs with T2 chips rise to 1916. (iBridge: 20.16.2059.0.0,0), while for Apple silicon Macs iBoot is updated to 8419.60.44. The only Intel Mac without a T2 chip that has a firmware update is the iMac19,1, which goes to 1916. All other Intel models retain their previous firmware.

Security release notes are here, and include fixes for several bypasses to privacy protection, five kernel patches, and no less than eight patches to WebKit. There are a total of 33 fixes listed.

Apple’s release notes for Enterprise are here, but I haven’t found any official list of changes for users.

Significant changes to the version and build number of bundled apps include:

  • Books to version 5.1
  • Console build increment
  • Disk Utility to version 22.3, although it’s not clear what changes there are
  • FindMy build increment
  • Font Book build increment
  • Home build increment
  • Mail build increment
  • Maps build increment
  • Music to version 1.3.2, although the karaoke feature Sing is only available on iOS, iPadOS and tvOS, apparently
  • News to version 8.2
  • Photos build increment
  • Podcasts build increment
  • QuickTime Player build increment
  • Safari to version 16.2 (18614.
  • Shortcuts build increment
  • Stocks build increment
  • TV to version 1.3.2
  • Weather to version 3.2.

There are also changes throughout most folders inside /System/Library. Among the notable are:

  • Automator PDF actions are updated, which may fix long-standing bugs
  • Finder to version 13.1
  • ManagedClient to version 15.1
  • Siri is updated
  • Several AMD Radeon kexts are updated
  • APFS is updated to version 2142.61.2
  • many public and private frameworks have been updated
  • Ruby framework is updated to 13.1, which may relate to fixing a vulnerability
  • QuickLook qlgenerators have mostly been updated.

If you come across known bugs that are fixed in 13.1, please add them as comments below.

Updated 1955 GMT 16 December 2022.