XProCheck 1.2 checks macOS malware scans better

If your Mac is running Catalina or later, then it should benefit from the new anti-malware protection built into macOS in the form of XProtect Remediator. Its scanning modules are run automatically when your Mac is awake but not otherwise busy, and write their reports into your Mac’s log. XProCheck is a simple utility to view and check those scan reports, so you can see whether any malware has been detected and remediated in the last day or more.

This new version is designed to work alongside my new version of SilentKnight for the same versions of macOS. SilentKnight runs a quick check to see how many scans were reported over the last 24 hours, and whether any resulted in reports which merit your attention. XProCheck follows on from that in displaying those reports, so you can inspect any that might be significant, in reporting detection and remediation of malware.


There are three significant changes in this new version:

  • XProCheck’s window now displays in its title the version of XProtect Remediator currently installed.
  • Checks to ensure log records are available have been improved.
  • XProCheck now has an auto-update feature similar to that in SilentKnight, so it will notify you when its next version is available.

There are two remaining issues I intend addressing in future versions. One is moving from reliance on the log show command to obtain log extracts, to that now provided in the macOS API. The other is to parse the reports to arrange their information more conveniently.

XProCheck version 1.2 is now available from here: xprocheck12
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.

I hope you find it useful, and a valuable companion to SilentKnight 2.0.