Apple has released Ventura 13.1 and security updates to Monterey and Big Sur

Apple has just released the update to macOS Ventura 13.1, and concomitant security updates to Monterey (12.6.2) and Big Sur (11.7.2). The download for the 13.1 update on Apple silicon is around 2.5 GB, on T2 Intel models about 1.68 GB, and it’s another rapid update on more recent models.

This includes the first version of Freeform, Apple’s new collaborative diagramming app.

Those using network Locations will be delighted to see that this feature has been restored to System Settings.

There are firmware updates: Apple silicon Macs have a minor increment in version to 8419.60.44, and T2 Intel Macs rise to 1916. (iBridge: 20.16.2059.0.0,0).

Apple’s release notes for Enterprise are here.

Security release notes are here for 13.1, here for 12.6.2, and here for 11.7.2.

[updated 2000 GMT 13 December 2022]