Reference info for Ventura, and macOS 11 and 12 updates, is complete

Over the last day, and completing this morning, I have finished my series of articles giving reference information for the initial release of Ventura, and recent updates to Monterey and Big Sur. These cover firmware, disk layout and structure, and security software.

Current firmware versions are given for Ventura in this morning’s article, for Monterey here, and for Big Sur here. My firmware database used by SilentKnight to check your Mac’s firmware is up to date and now reflects those new versions. If your Mac is running 11.7.1, 12.6.1 or 13.0, then SilentKnight should recognise its firmware as being the latest version, and warn you if it’s not.

This article explains the boot volume group layout for Ventura on both Intel and Apple silicon Macs.

Security data files that are updated through Software Update or utilities like SilentKnight are summarised here for Ventura, and the following give more detailed accounts:

While SilentKnight should already give you current information on those, and cover 11.7.1, 12.6.1 and 13.0, I have a new version of LockRattler in the works, to add new links to that reference information for Ventura.

If you see any errors in any of those, or would like additional reference info, please let me know.