Monitor macOS anti-malware scans with Mints version 1.9

Yesterday I explained how you can check your Mac’s logs to see the results of its new XProtect Remediator scans. For those who don’t fancy messing around in predicates, here’s an easier method to check whether your Mac’s protection is working, and when it has been scanning for malware: Mints version 1.9.


There’s a new button on the last-but-one row, XProtect Scans. All you have to do to check scans made by XProtect Remediator over the last 24 hours is click on that.

A new window then opens, displaying the results of an inspection of the log. This gives for each recognised scan its time of completion, the name of the scanner, and its report.


The latter normally tells you if there’s a particular reason for that scan being performed, its outcome in terms of any detection and action, the status code, and the time taken for that scan in seconds. If you’ve got a 27-inch display, you can widen the window so the results fit the line width.


This adds another page to Mints’ extensive Help book, which now has 34 pages in total. Included in those are details of the search predicates used by each of Mints’ features, so you can use them in Ulbow, your favourite log browser, or log show in Terminal.

Because XProtect Remediator is only installed on Catalina and later, this new feature is of no use if you’re running Mojave or earlier.

Mints version 1.9 is now available from here: mints196
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.

I also have something else on its way very shortly, which I’ll be releasing on Monday morning.