Big Sur 11.3 bug tracker

The update to macOS 11.3 is huge, and early experience suggests that it fixes many bugs, some which have been plaguing macOS since Catalina and earlier. This article lists a few of the bugs which 11.3 appears to have fixed, and some that remain.

Bugs believed to have been fixed in 11.3:

Broken Rich Text Spotlight metadata importer at /System/Library/Spotlight/RichText.mdimporter now correctly indexes the content of Rich Text files. Confirmed using Mints’ Spotlight test. Original bug detailed here.

Missing Mail Spotlight metadata importer at /System/Library/Spotlight/.mdimporter has been added, and now appears to index Mail messages correctly. From user reports.

External boot disks now work much more reliably with M1 Macs, although some quirks remain, particularly with Software Update, and with connecting USB-C disks. Full details here.

Spotlight stopped showing search results from Mail and Notes after fast user switching. Now fixed. Reported by kapitainsky (below).

Reminders created by Siri may unintentionally be set for early morning hours. Claimed by Apple.

iCloud Keychain may fail to turn off. Claimed by Apple.

Login window may not display properly after restarting M1 Mac mini. Claimed by Apple.

Dwell feature may not work properly in the Accessibility Keyboard. Claimed by Apple.

Renaming a file/folder on a mounted WebDAV share resulted in a ‘reset’ of macOS (“the whole thing just went poof!”). Now fixed. Reported by @mibosshard.

The Finder hung when searching an indexed SMB Share (Synology NAS). Now fixed. Reported by Oliver (below).

AirPods audio routing to incorrect device for Automatic Switching. Claimed by Apple.

AirPods Automatic Switching notifications may be missing or duplicated. Claimed by Apple.

External 4K monitors may not display in full resolution when connected over USB-C. Claimed by Apple. Could this be model-specific?

Those identified as being ‘Claimed by Apple’ are taken from its release notes.

Bugs which remain unfixed in 11.3:

Some SATA/USB-C external disks can’t install bootable macOS on M1 Macs unless they’re connected to a USB-A port, although once made bootable they can be used using TB3/USB-C connections. Full details here.

Excessive duplicate SMB packets when accessing SMB shares. Reported by Oliver (below).


Bluetooth menu bar tool gives incorrect battery percentages on first use. It has to be opened a second time to see current charge levels. See this article.


Dock & Menu Bar pane controls for the Clock don’t change 12/24 hour time or show am/pm for regions which default to a 24-hour clock, such as the UK. See this article.

Ejecting volume groups in the Finder works, but if both System and Data volumes are listed separately in the sidebar, the Data volume may be left in that list until the next restart. Details here.


The infamous and long-lived Finder column width bug remains, and must be coming up for retirement through age, as by my reckoning it’s at least seven years old now and still going strong. See this article.

Last updated 0645 UTC 3 May 2021.