A detailed record of macOS and its security updates

I’m delighted to announce what I think is a unique resource: a detailed listing of all updates to macOS over the last four years and more, with links to full information about each. These include regular updates, security updates, and Supplemental Updates.

You can access this list at this page.

There you’ll find each major release of macOS from 10.12 Sierra, in reverse order with Ventura at the top. Click on the version number and you’ll be taken to the original page on which I announced that update, normally with links to Apple’s listings and other information about it. For many updates to 10.14 Mojave and later there’s also a link to the page where I detail changes found in its bundled apps and components in /System/Library.

Each released version of security updates, including XProtect Remediator, XProtect, MRT and Gatekeeper (discontinued in 2019) is also provided.

I hope anyone wanting to look up what has changed, or research the evolution of macOS and its security tools, will find this resource valuable.