Second beta of Viable for virtualising macOS on Apple silicon Macs

I’m pleased to offer the second beta release of my lightweight virtualisation utility Viable. This makes three changes:

  • it adds a new Snap command to the Window menu, which sets a VM window to the same size as the VM’s display resolution;
  • it adds a fourth display size option, for 1400 x 875, to help with smaller notebook displays;
  • it starts handling more errors using messages rather than crashing out.

In the next version, I will be addressing further situations where Viable currently crashes itself out rather than handling the error better.

To run Viable, you must have:

  • an Apple silicon Mac; it won’t run on any Intel model;
  • macOS Monterey 12.4 or later;
  • virtual machines built with macOS Monterey or Ventura, which Viable will build for you.

I have updated its ReadMe file and Help window to explain how you can use it to run Ventura betas.

Current features include:

  • configurable CPU core count, memory, display resolution (choice of four);
  • multiple concurrent VMs; given sufficient host resources, you can run at least two VMs at once;
  • support for most devices, including accelerated graphics, NAT networking, pointing devices (mouse, trackpad, with full support over Universal Control), keyboard, audio, entropy (random number generation);
  • Rosetta 2, allowing you to run Intel apps within a VM.

Viable 1.0.1 (beta 2) is now available from here: viable1b2

Happy virtualising!