macOS virtualisation refactored and sandboxed in Viable updates

Christmas Day was ideal for the refactoring I wanted to do in my free macOS lightweight virtualisation app Viable. As a result, I have a new version, still a beta-release but hopefully edging ever closer to full release quality. I also have a sandboxed and locked-down version dubbed ViableS.

Refactoring should make it easier for Viable to handle errors more gracefully, and enables the app to close its VM window when a guest macOS has shut down. I’ve been working on further improvements to its handling of bundles and UTIs, have augmented the information given in the main window about VMs, and added a checkbox to control shared folders. If you don’t need your VM to be run in a sandbox, but want to isolate it from the host file system, this should be ideal.

Several of you asked for a sandboxed version of Viable, so you can keep your VMs completely isolated from the host. ViableS uses the same code as Viable, but is sandboxed, has shared folder code removed, and removes code supporting the clipboard too (even though that currently doesn’t appear functional). It retains NAT-based networking and Viable’s other Virtio and macOS devices.

Viable and ViableS VMs are identical, enabling you to build your VM with the convenience of shared folders to move apps and tools into it, then shut it down, and start it up in ViableS for you to undertake your research in isolation from the host.

In case you think that the two apps can be used together to run more than two macOS VMs at the same time, I’m afraid that macOS remains one step ahead of you, and enforces Apple’s licence limit across virtualising apps.


Viable beta 7 (1.0.7) is now available from here: viable1b7
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.

The locked-down ViableS beta 7 (1.0.7) is now available from here: viables1b7
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.

Please let me know if there are any further features you want added, or other changes, and of any problems you encounter, so that I can continue progressing these to their first full release.