Apple has released an update to XProtect, and to Big Sur 11.6.7

Apple has apparently released two updates this evening.

Apple’s software update servers have been experiencing sporadic problems around the world, when trying to serve this update. This results in the update being offered, downloading, but then throwing an error when installation is attempted. If you’re affected by that I recommend that you first try booting in Safe mode, to see if that allows the update to install correctly.

If it still doesn’t:

  • Open the Software Update pane, click on the Advanced… button, then ensure that the last item, to Install system data files and security updates, is ticked. Then close the pane.
  • Restart your Mac and leave it a few minutes to allow the update to be downloaded automatically.
  • Then run SilentKnight or LockRattler to check the update has been correctly installed.
  • If it hasn’t, use that app to install the update.
  • Rinse and repeat as necessary.

I wish you success.

XProtect 2160 adds two new detection signatures for MACOS.6e6bed7 and MACOS.1afcb8b. I’m very grateful to stuartjash who has identified the first of those as WizardUpdate/UpdateAgent. The second hasn’t been identified yet.

You can check whether this update has been installed by opening System Information via About This Mac, and selecting the Installations item under Software.

A full listing of security data file versions is given by SilentKnight, LockRattler and SystHist for El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura, available from their product page. If your Mac has not yet installed this update, you can force an update using SilentKnight, LockRattler, or at the command line.

I have updated the reference pages here which are accessed directly from LockRattler 4.2 and later using its Check blog button.

I maintain lists of the current versions of security data files for Monterey on this page, Big Sur on this page, Catalina on this page, Mojave on this page, High Sierra on this page, Sierra on this page, and El Capitan on this page.

Big Sur users should apparently be offered an update to take that to version 11.6.7, which fixes a bug opening attachments in Mail and other mail clients.

Thanks to 2J for letting me know about 11.6.7, and to stuartjash for malware identification. Last updated 1150 GMT 10 June 2022.