Bluetooth status is worse than ever in Big Sur 11.1

Among the bugs which Apple claimed to have fixed in Big Sur 11.1 just over a month ago was one in the Bluetooth connection status display. Far from fixing anything, all I can see is a different bug, which is so obvious as to question how this ever got released.

Since that update, each time that I want to check the remaining charge in my Apple Magic Trackpad 2 or Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, I have to use the status display in the menu bar twice. Here’s an example.

My Magic Trackpad had been on charge that morning. When I first checked, with it still connected by its charging cable, this is the Bluetooth status:


It reports correctly that the Trackpad is on charge, but that it has the same level of charge as it did when I first connected it a few hours earlier.


When I rechecked it immediately, it had updated the level of charge to 100%.

I then swapped the cable over to charge the keyboard, and checked status a third time.


Although the trackpad is now connected via Bluetooth and functioning correctly, no charge level is given at all.


When I checked the status a fourth time, the correct charge level is reported for the trackpad over its Bluetooth connection.

To me, this is such an obvious bug that releasing it in a macOS update seems seriously shoddy. Or maybe this only affects high-end Macs like my iMac Pro?