Making First Impressions: 4 Ready for early test

As well as adding more content to my hypertext exploring the First Impressionist Exhibition of 1874, and those who exhibited in it, I have been working out how best to place web links in its writing spaces.

Looking over Tinderbox’s shoulder, I decided to try using the $URL attribute. So I have created a new prototype named weblink, which has $URL and $ViewInBrowser as key attributes.


I made a little group of writing spaces with weblink as their prototype, and in each one added the appropriate URL to $URL. Incidentally, while doing this I discovered a little bug in the current release of Storyspace (and probably of Tinderbox too): although Safari and other browsers accept Unicode accented characters in URLs, placing any in the $URL attribute will stop the link from being fetched. Thankfully Wikipedia allows for this, and redirects for unaccented URLs.


These writing spaces were then dropped onto the References & Further Reading writing space, turning it into a container for them. I then added appropriate text to the references to introduce each link, and made a text link from this writing space to each of the web links.


The whole document now contains fairly complete entries on the first five of the artists, as seen in The First Impressionist Exhibition container.


I still think that these views of individual artist’s containers are just gorgeous – it was not confined to Boudin’s paintings!


I am now following a convention that works of art placed below the artist’s biography are by the named artist, while those placed above are related, but by other artists. In Astruc’s case, the upper painting is by Fantin-Latour; in Bracquemond’s it is by his wife, Marie.


One remaining task, once I have further artists completed, is to add text links in their biographies to other artists in this hypertext. I am also thinking about adding an overall index of names, with text links from that to individual entries and writing spaces.

Now that there is some useful content and functionality, I am making this first ‘alpha’ available for you to try out.

If you want to explore it, you will need a copy of Storyspace 3; it should work correctly using the app in unlicensed demo mode, from here.

You will also need to download the img folder, which contains full-size images of the works of art for the whole hypertext. Unzip that to produce the img folder, and open /Library/Application Support. Create a folder named Storyspace there (if one does not already exist), and place the img folder inside that. Note that this is in the main (top level) Library, not that in your Home folder. If img is not placed there correctly, you will not be able to view the paintings, etc., at full size. Here it is: img

Here is the Storyspace document itself (zipped again), which can be placed anywhere you like: FirstImpressions1a

If you do try it out, please let me know of your comments and experience, either by commenting to this article, or by email if you would prefer. Note that the adornments which appear as images are not linked to anything, as adornments cannot be linked. To view any of those images at full size, simply click on the adornment (the thumbnail image), and the image will be opened in Preview.

I hope that you enjoy it.