One hundred thousand views, and some you might have missed

Yesterday, this blog reached another milestone: it has now had over 100,000 ‘visits’, ‘hits’, or page views. This takes it from infancy to childhood, which is not bad in just thirteen months, 1297 articles and four pages.

Rather than gloat any more, I thought you might enjoy a selection of my earlier articles which you may have missed.

Mere words

Something for the weekend, sir? takes us back to the days before the ‘pill’, when language was wrestling with condoms.

un-, in-, or non-? is probably the most nonhelpful guide to the formation of negatives in English.

Keeping you in the picture

The Story in Paintings: Jean-Léon Gérôme and the spectacular. Although he is little-known today, and his realist style deprecated, his paintings of spectacles are thoroughly good stories, and quite spectacular.

Should we be rehabilitating Sargent, or his critics?

Just as it is, Piazza San Marco, Venice includes 25 landscape paintings from 19 artists over a period of 400 years, showing this unique location.

Fat over lean is an accurate account of how oil paint works, which may surprise you.

Inside Macs

So what was all OS X 10.11.3 about? The real list of updates which Apple has still not fessed up to.

Comfortable Computing explains how to work at your computer without ruining your back, neck, etc.

Making First Impressions: 3 Joining up shows what I think is one of the most beautiful and elegant authoring tools.

How it should(n’t) work

The Code lives on: how Morse is still not dead.

Plaster in Paris – who wants to be organised?

Enthralled by Steve – an obituary of sorts for Steve Jobs.

Remembrance of Camerons past is about rural broadband and depopulation.

Click on OK explains how to use the click count as a measure of interface efficiency.

The Browsing of Others discusses the worrying rise of electronic surveillance.

High quality hash explains how you can use hash keys for one-way anonymisation, to protect sensitive data.

The poetry within the Internet: Bad Horse is weird but fun.

Lead-free graphics cards: a problem? tells an unusual but important story.

I look forward to providing the next hundred thousand.