Storyspace 3.2 and Storyspace Reader for OS X

While the rest of us have been loafing on the beach on holiday, Eastgate Systems has been busy working on Storyspace 3.2, which it has now released here.

This is a landmark release, not so much because of the enhancements in Storyspace itself, which I will come on to later, but because it ships with a freely-distributable reader app for OS X. For many of us who have been using Storyspace as the very best hypertext authoring environment, this is a huge step forward: we can now distribute copies of the Storyspace Reader app with our hypertext documents.


Storyspace Reader is similar in size to the Storyspace authoring app itself because it has the great majority of its features, apart from those which allow you to modify the document. Users can save the document, so as to preserve its state at its last reading, but they are unable to change its structure or content.

So that you can experience this for yourself, I have put together the freely-distributable Storyspace Reader app with one of my more complete documents, exploring the narrative in paintings of the Fall of Icarus. That is based on my earlier article covering this. I would be very interested to know how users who are not familiar with Storyspace find this, in particular whether it works better in this hypertext form than it does as a flat article.

Here is a Zip archive containing them both: falloficarus

You will need a Mac running OS X Yosemite or El Capitan to be able to run Storyspace Reader. Details of the copyright and other licensing matters are included in Storyspace Reader, and in my document (freely distributable for non-commercial purposes).

The Storyspace authoring app has improvements mostly in links and maps. Links are now directly manipulable, in that either end can be dragged to new locations, link labels can be repositioned, and a broad link style is available. Map guides are also improved, allowing you to align notes on horizontal and vertical centres, and more. There are more options for displaying badges, you can create stretchtext links, and write conditional passages.

Upgrades to this version are, as ever, free for those who have purchased the app or an upgrade in the last year: your copy of Storyspace will tell you whether you are eligible for a free upgrade. Otherwise they cost $79 to users of older versions, or $149 for new purchasers.