Apple has released updates to Ventura 13.3, Monterey 12.6.4 and Big Sur 11.7.5

Apple has just released updates to bring macOS 13 Ventura to version 13.3 (build 22E252), and security updates to bring Monterey to 12.6.4 and Big Sur to 11.7.5.

Bundled with 13.3 is Safari 16.4 (18615.; separate updates to 16.4 are available for Monterey and Big Sur.

The Ventura update is around 4.5 GB to download for an Apple silicon Mac, or 2.8 GB for an Intel Mac.

Among the fixes and improvements listed by Apple for 13.3 are:

  • A remove background option in Freeform to automatically isolate a subject.
  • Duplicate detection in Photos now includes iCloud Shared Photo Libraries.
  • A new Accessibility setting to automatically dim video containing flashing light and strobe effects.
  • A fix for Trackpad gestures ceasing to respond.
  • A fix for VoiceOver, that could become unresponsive after using the Finder.
  • Even more (21) new emoji, just what we all wanted.

There’s also a firmware update for Apple Studio Displays to version 16.4, which includes a single security fix. If you encounter problems installing it, Apple’s guidance on what to do is here.

Apple’s list of security fixes for 13.3 is here. It includes 49 items, including four fixes to the kernel, although Apple hasn’t noted any as being exploited in the wild yet. Details of the 24 fixes in Monterey are here, and of the 23 fixes in Big Sur are here.

Apple silicon Macs have a firmware update, bringing iBoot to version 8422.100.650, and T2 Macs also have a firmware update to 1968. (iBridge 20.16.4252.0.0,0).

I anticipate posting a breakdown of changes later tonight.

Last updated at 1915 GMT 27 March 2023.