Current firmware and security data software versions updated

Following last week’s updates, I have now completed updating my databases and listings of current Mac firmware for all models supported by macOS 10.15 and later, as well as security data updates.

These are directly accessed by my free utility SilentKnight, which uses data in my GitHub files. You’re also welcome to access those directly, provided that it’s not for commercial purposes (should you wish to do that, please contact me).

LockRattler contains links to summary pages here:

I also maintain detailed listings of current firmware versions in these pages:

and details of security data files and versions:

I hope that you find these useful.

A reminder: the only way to update a Mac’s firmware now is through a macOS installer or updater. SilentKnight can’t perform firmware updates. What it does is alert you if your Mac’s firmware is out of date, and lists any macOS updates or security updates available. You shouldn’t use the app to download and install macOS updates, but use Software Update, which is designed for that purpose.