Apple has released Monterey 12.2.1 and a Safari update

Apple has just released a patch update to macOS Monterey, to bring it to version 12.2.1. This fixes a serious bug which could drain the battery of Intel notebooks when they’re sleeping and connected to Bluetooth peripherals. This update is just over 1 GB for Intel models, and 1.86 GB for M1 models.

This update doesn’t bring any change to firmware for T2 Macs, nor for M1 Macs.

Initial testing shows that the Finder’s Find memory leak is still present, and leaks as badly as ever. It now looks as if Apple won’t get round to fixing that until the release of 12.3, probably in April, by which time it will have been present for six months. Has anyone ever heard of a serious memory leak in the Finder being left for that long before?

In addition to fixing this issue with Bluetooth and sleep on Intel models, all benefit from a security fix described here, in which Apple warns of a vulnerability in WebKit which “may have been actively exploited”. Updating to 12.2.1 swiftly therefore appears a wise move for all those running macOS 12.

For those still using Catalina or Big Sur, Apple has made separate Safari updates available which patch the vulnerability.

Last updated 2150 UTC 10 February 2022.