Podofyllin version 1.1 introduces lightweight bookmarks

I seem to spend a lot of time reading PDF documents, some of them several thousand pages long. Naturally, I use my own lightweight PDF viewer Podofyllin for this, as it can’t change or overwrite those documents. One feature which it has lacked is the ability to place bookmarks when viewing a document, making navigation tedious to say the least.

Conventional PDF bookmarks are inevitably written out to the file when you save it; I didn’t want that, so I’ve added a new lightweight bookmark feature to this new version of Podofyllin, 1.1.

These ‘marks’ are listed in a popup menu at the top of the thumbnails. They’re simple to make: when you’re looking at the page you want to mark, just press Command-M, and it will be added to the top of the list there. Navigating them is simple using that popup menu, or you can use Command and the left and right cursor keys to ascend or descend it.

There’s a limit of 40 marks in any document. Should you exceed that number, the lowest of them will be removed from the list as the latest is added to the top.

For the moment, marks aren’t saved in PDF documents. I do have a scheme for doing so, using extended attributes, but I’m not yet sure how useful that might be. Please let me know whether this is an important addition, and I’ll incorporate it in the next version.

I’ve taken the opportunity to do a little tidying of the interface too, and this is built to be fully compatible with macOS from Sierra through to Monterey.

Podofyllin version 1.1 is now available from here: podofyllin11
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