T2M2 version 1.19 is now available

If you use Time Machine to back up your Mac, I’m sure that you already use my free utility The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2) to keep a check on its performance and any errors. I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new version, 1.19, which makes some small fixes largely for improved compatibility with Big Sur and Monterey.

T2M2 analyses the Unified log in macOS 10.12 Sierra to 12 Monterey, and from it determines whether the entries made by Time Machine appear in order. It displays some basic statistics about each backup performed over the previous hours. When there are backups which are running slowly, you can also use it check the speed of copying items to the backup. For Big Sur and later, which can make backups to APFS volumes, it can also provide more detailed insights into exactly what happened in each backup.

This new version includes a specific fix for Monterey, in which T2M2 wasn’t able to estimate free space on the backup storage. It also has a couple of minor improvements which should help those using Big Sur and Monterey.

T2M2 version 1.19 is now available from here: t2m2119
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.

I intend this to be the last version which supports the full range of macOS from 10.12 to 12. Once Monterey is released, I will be developing T2M2 version 2.0, which will only work on Big Sur and later when backing up to APFS storage. That will make full use of all the additional information provided on this new form of Time Machine without also having to be compatible with backing up to HFS+ volumes.