Check whether your Mac’s sudo is vulnerable with Mints 1.1

You will no doubt have heard of the recent vulnerability which was discovered in sudo, one of the most-used commands in Terminal. It had been left there in plain sight for around ten years, and now that it’s well-known, there has been something of a panic to fix it. As Ric Ford, Jose Hill, Al Varnell and others have been discussing over on MacInTouch, it isn’t always simple to discover whether your Mac is still vulnerable, and I recall one person here reporting that after they had installed Apple’s recent update claimed to fix the problem, their Mac was still at risk.

I have therefore followed their advice, and included tests to detemine whether a Mac has been patched or updated successfully to address this bug, in this new version of Mints, my free fac totum system utility. They’re now built into the report shown when you click on the Environment button: in addition to details of environment variables and some security settings, Mints reports the versions of sudo found, and whether these meet those expected following the fix. This also covers those who have applied their own patch to sudo.

Additionally, this version improves and enhances the Spotlight search tests. It adds a ‘busy spinner’ to indicate when a search is in progress, and once it has completed reports the time taken by the search itself.

Version 1.1 of Mints is now available from here: mints11
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and through its auto-update mechanism.