Taccy release 1.0: Unscramble privacy protection problems

I’m delighted to announce the first full release version of Taccy, my free utility for investigating problems in macOS Mojave’s privacy protection.

Changes in this new version include:

  • An 11 page Help book (also supplied as a separate PDF) of over 2000 words, which covers all of its features and provides detailed advice on tackling these problems, common log entries to look for, and more.
  • It has been ported to Swift 5 and Xcode 10.2.1.
  • Features in its text view have been enhanced.
  • It now checks its own integrity each time it starts up.
  • There’s a direct link to its product page from its Help menu.

This is a one-stop tool which inspects all the settings and entitlements in an app, to help you understand why it doesn’t do what you want. This information is valuable for other purposes too, of course. It also features a custom log browser which displays entries to reveal what is going on or wrong with the privacy control system TCC. Use of the log browser may require you to run macOS as an admin user, as the underlying log show command may require that.

Taccy version 1.0 is now available from here: taccy10
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.