Consolation 3.1 can copy in Rich Text, preserving text colours

Consolation version 3.1 fixes an issue which prevented you from copying text in Rich Text format. This meant that, if you used a custom style which applied colour to any of the fields in log extracts, when copied and pasted into any other app, only the text was transferred, and the colour was lost.

It also fixes a documentation issue arising from its new Help book. When I rewrote this for Consolation 3.0, I based it on the previous Help book, which didn’t discuss the fact that Consolation needs to be run as an admin user to get log extracts reliably. I have therefore made that clear in its ReadMeFirst file.

You may find that Consolation and the log show command work fine in Mojave even when run in ‘normal’ user mode. However, in most previous versions of macOS, that wasn’t the case, and all that happened when you tried to obtain a log extract was that nothing was returned, no error or anything. If that happens, the best solution is to switch to an admin user account and run Consolation from there.

Consolation 3.1 is recommended for all users, and is now available from here: consolation31
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.