New versions of LockRattler and SystHist with product and support pages

I have released updates to LockRattler, bringing it to version 4.19, and SystHist, to version 1.8.

The major change in each is the introduction of a product page dedicated to the two apps, and separate support pages for them. These are easily accessed through the new item in their Help menu, which opens the product page in your default browser. There you will find information and links relevant to both products, including downloads of the latest version, notes on known issues, and relevant articles.

If you encounter problems, want a feature added or changed, or just want to comment on either of them, their new support pages are here for LockRattler, and here for SystHist.

Their respective entries in the Downloads page now refer to their product page too.

Both apps have also been ported to Xcode 10.2, and LockRattler is now written in Swift 5.

I will progressively transfer my other more popular apps to their own product pages over the coming weeks, with new versions which should also be better-prepared for macOS 10.15 when it first appears in beta release in a couple of months. I hope that you find this an improvement, and that it makes it easier to ask questions about my apps.

LockRattler 4.19 is available from here: lockrattler419
and SystHist 1.8 is available from here: systhist18
and both are available from their product page too.