eForensics Magazine publishes first full description of macOS unified log

I am delighted to announced that my paper providing the first full description of the macOS unified log has just been published in eForensics Magazine.

It contains details which, as far as I am aware, have never previously been made public, although if you scour through my many articles here you may be able to assemble yourself most of the information. If you are looking for what I hope is a systematic and coherent account, this is the place to go. Aimed primarily at use of the log in forensic work, this information is of general value to anyone working with macOS.

eForensics Magazine isn’t free, but this issue contains other articles by Mac forensic experts, and is available here. The single issue costs $29 from the online shop there, and I am delighted to say that you can enjoy a 20% discount on this particular issue if you enter the code


when purchasing it. I don’t make any money out of it, of course, and am very grateful to eForensics Magazine for so kindly providing this discount.

I hope that you find it useful.