New Apple support articles about MacBook Pro 2018 model with the T2 chip (updated)

New MacBook Pro models (2018) with a Touch Bar incorporate the same T2 chip which is built into the iMac Pro. Apple has just published a set of support articles detailing the changes brought by this chip, and how this changes security features of those models. Here are some that you may find useful:

I have included these and a couple of other updated support articles in my list of new and updated support articles.

Thanks to @mikeymikey for drawing attention to what looks like the first bug in the T2 firmware in the new MacBook Pro: if you press the Power button at about the same time that you connect your MacBook Pro to mains power, it can enter a mode in which the fans run at full speed. You may need to reset the ‘SMC’ (now part of the T2 chip functionality) to fix this.

To do that on one of these new T2-equipped MacBook Pros, shut the laptop down, then press and hold its Power button for 8 seconds. After releasing the Power button, wait a few seconds longer, then press the Power button again to start it up. Apple seems to want each Mac model to have quite different procedures for important tasks like resetting the SMC, which is exceedingly confusing.

The SMC reset procedure is detailed here, and the full-fan bug is explained here.

Another significant support note explains that, prior to selling or otherwise disposing of a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, you should clear all sensitive data from its secure enclave by starting up in Recovery mode, entering Terminal, and typing the command
xartutil --erase-all
You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to clear the data. After confirming, quit Terminal and shut down.

(Further updated 16 July 2018.)