More app updates: Unicode and text tools

Here’s the next batch of updates, primarily to bring these apps up to full compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave. However it is a long time since I last rebuilt them, and each has multiple code fixes which should be of benefit to all users.

Apfelstrudel version 1.1 is my tool for understanding problems with Unicode normalisation, including string comparison. It is the only tool that I know of which will show arbitrary Unicode strings in text and hex, show you how each normalises using four different schemes, and shows the results of string comparisons with them. It is also a fascinating way to explore these encoding issues.

Version 1.1 is available here: Apfelstrudel
and from Downloads above.

Dystextia version 1.4 converts Roman text between normal Unicode text, and versions using ‘spoofing’ with alternative Unicode code points. You can use it to disguise text, which can still be read perfectly well, but breaks text search, etc. Ideal for obfuscating text.

Version 1.4 is available here: dystextia14
and from Downloads above.

Rosettavert version 1.1 provides easy access to the iconv command tool, which can convert between about 144 different text encodings, from ASCII to UTF-32. It is available from here: rosettavert11
and from Downloads above.