Your favourite paintings and painters

There is a lot more to this world than the things which are most popular. However, I am often surprised at your preferred choice of the articles posted here. I thought that you might be interested to know which have proved most viewed in the Painting section so far.

By far the most popular single article on this blog, with over a thousand views in total, is Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night over the Rhône (1888). Following that are:

Another article which has proved very popular is From pigment to painting: 2 Let there be lightness, hue, and chroma.

Many of you arrive here from searches on Google, a few from other search engines. Inevitably some of these articles have been particularly prominent on Google search results. But it is interesting to see such an eclectic mixture of artists, and several who deserve better recognition.

I do not write articles with the intention of appealing to the masses. Indeed several of the most popular articles were written simply because I love that painting, and love the works of that artist. I am delighted that so many also seem to have enjoyed my favourites.

If you have any particular requests or ideas for articles which you would like me to consider – particularly those which are covered relatively poorly elsewhere – please email me or comment below. The only significant limitation is that it is almost impossible to cover artists whose work is still covered by copyright: those who died after 1945, in most cases.