Twitter auto-posts have stopped: how to keep in touch

Those of you who rely on Twitter to keep you in touch with new articles posted in this and all other WordPress blogs may have noticed a change today: those auto-posts have stopped. Apparently Twitter no longer wants all the free content it has been benefitting from over the past years, as it doesn’t want the likes of you and me using its services.

For the time being, the next week at least, I will continue posting articles manually to Twitter, when I can. However, as I can’t guarantee being able to do that promptly at 0730 and 1130 local time every day, I apologise in advance that my tweets may be delayed on occasion.

If you want to keep track of new articles as they are posted here, I recommend following them using a newsreader and RSS. My personal favourite is Reeder from the App Store, but there’s a wide choice for macOS, iOS and iPadOS, and pretty well every other OS you could want.

If you want to receive notification of articles posted to this blog by news feed, you may find the following URLs helpful. Each can be prefaced by http:// or https://.

To subscribe to the whole blog feed, use the link
or, for Atom newsreaders,

If you wish to be less eclectic, and just subscribe to one category, use (for example)
to subscribe only to articles in the Mac category. Categories available here are: Macs, Technology, Painting, Updates, xattr, General, Life, Language. I only ever put articles into Uncategorized by mistake, and usually correct that quickly.

If you wish to get just comments by feed, use

If you want to get a feed of articles using a specific tag, use
to obtain only articles with the tag “landscape”, for example.

You can also hone in on a specific author, e.g.
will get you all the articles which I write, which is the whole blog!

If you want to follow comments to a specific article, use
to subscribe to all comments to the article at

If you want any of the above in Atom instead, simply append atom/ to the end of the URL.

Sadly, although this might change in the coming weeks, Mastodon isn’t an option, for several reasons, particularly the fact that WordPress blogs can’t yet auto-post to it in the way that they used to with Twitter.

For the time being, I will keep my Twitter account, and continue posting manually there. However, as this marks another sharp downturn in Twitter’s death spiral, I will keep that under review, and may well close my Twitter account altogether.

Many thanks to Qaasddf for correction my earlier confusion over the use of HTTP: I had been relying on older WordPress documentation.