Apple has released an urgent security update to Ventura 13.2.1

Apple has just released an update to bring macOS Ventura to version 13.2.1. This appears to be an urgent security update, as the three vulnerabilities it addresses include one in WebKit that Apple believes is possibly being exploited in the wild.

For Apple silicon Macs, this update is only 1.9 GB and should install briskly; Intel Macs have a smaller download at just over 500 MB, but their penalty is in the time taken to install the update.

Apple’s update servers are currently busy, as there are also security updates to iOS and others.

The security release notes are here.

As expected with a security update, there are very few changes in version and build numbers. Even Safari only increases its build number by one point, to version 16.3 (18614. The new macOS build number is 22D68, and there are no firmware updates for Apple silicon or T2 Macs.

There are small build number increments in Shortcuts, the IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily kext, and the AppKit and Security frameworks. There’s also a new (private) Shortcuts File Helper. Otherwise very little appears to have changed beyond those three security fixes.

There’s also no sign of any accompanying security updates for Monterey or Big Sur, although there is a Safari update for both, which patches the WebKit vulnerability.

[Updated at 2015 GMT 13 February 2023.]