LockRattler version 4.36 features info links for Ventura

LockRattler was my original app for checking installed versions of security data, SIP status, and firmware. Although it has long been surpassed in convenience and features by its younger sibling SilentKnight, I know it still has many faithful fans. It’s superior for those running older Macs and macOS, custom setups, and anyone who doesn’t want to keep up with the latest, although it can still be useful on the latest of Apple silicon Macs.

This new version has the following changes:

  • It fixes the handling of unusual SIP states, which could previously be reported as SIP enabled when it’s partially disabled.
  • It now has links to Ventura’s reference information for software versions and firmware.
  • I have removed its initial signature check, which is no longer required in recent macOS, because of improved Gatekeeper checks.
  • Unfortunately, as it has been built with the current version of Xcode, it nows requires High Sierra or later.

LockRattler version 4.36 is now available from here: lockrattler436
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and through its auto-update mechanism.

For those still using El Capitan and Sierra, I’ll leave version 4.35 available on its product page.