Apple has released Monterey and Big Sur security updates

Alongside iOS 16, Apple has just released security updates to Monterey, bringing it to version 12.6, and Big Sur 11.7, the first update in its second year of security-only support.

The update to Monterey 12.6 is a small download, at around 2.5 GB for Apple silicon Macs, and 2.1 GB for Intel models.

This doesn’t bring any change to iBoot firmware on Apple silicon Macs, but there is a minor increment in iBridge version, to 1731. (iBridge: 19.16.16067.0.0,0).

Release notes for 12.6 report a total of eight vulnerabilities have been fixed, including three in the kernel, and one each in iMovie and Maps. One of the kernel bugs is reported to have been actively exploited, making this an urgent update.

Big Sur 11.7’s release notes report more fixes, including two kernel bugs which are thought to have been actively exploited, so this is also an urgent update for anyone still using Big Sur.

Once you have updated, Safari version 16 should be offered. This contains a few security fixes, and brings most of the new features promised for Safari in Ventura. Although it doesn’t announce it, this apparently includes support for Passkeys, which means that you should be able to share Passkeys between your Mac and devices, provided that they’re all fully updated.

Jeff Johnson has kindly pointed out that Safari 16 may be offered before the macOS update.

There is no security update for Catalina, confirming that is now unsupported, as expected, and doesn’t appear to have Safari 16 available either.

[Updated 1925 GMT 12 September 2022 with Safari and firmware details.]