LockRattler 4.35 now checks for XProtect Remediator

I’m delighted to announce a new version of my free utility LockRattler, which now checks and reports version numbers and updates to the new macOS security tool XProtect Remediator, as installed in macOS Catalina and later.


The currently installed version of XProtect Remediator is now displayed after that of XProtect, at the upper left. The last update shown in red to the right of that is the more recent of the two, XProtect data files and the Remediator app. The Remediator version is also written to the app’s text report.

LockRattler version 4.35 is strongly recommended for anyone running macOS 10.15 or later, and is now available from here: lockrattler435
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.

Sadly, I can no longer maintain LockRattler’s Help book any more, as Help Crafter, the Help authoring app I have been using, no longer works, and there’s no obvious replacement. I intend converting its Help book to a new PDF version in the next update.

I have recently updated my related utilities SilentKnight and SystHist so they now track XProtect Remediator. I will soon be turning my attentions to the command tool companion to SilentKnight, silnite.