Command tools – alisma, blowhole, cintch, cmpxat and unorml – updated

I have now completed updating my remaining command tools so that the installers are signed with my new Installer certificate. This ensures that those installers will continue to work without problems for the next few years. If you’ve already downloaded the current version, its existing installer should continue to work, although you may see a warning that its certificate has expired.

All of these command tools are Universal binaries, fully signed and notarized.

In case you’re not familiar with them, here are some brief descriptions, together with my most popular command tool silnite.

alisma brings Finder aliases to the command line, as it can create Finder aliases there and resolve them to paths.
alisma -a sourcefile aliasfile
creates the alias aliasfile pointing to sourcefile, and
alisma -p aliasfile
resolves the alias aliasfile and returns the full path to the original.
The new package is available from here: alisma3a

blowhole writes an entry into the Unified Log, providing your scripts with easy log access. It also supports writing Signposts.
blowhole -s "This is what will appear in the message field"
writes that text into a new log entry, bearing the text passed to it.
The new package is available from here: blowhole10a

cintch tags, checks and retags files and folders for integrity checking, working in conjunction with Fintch and Dintch, my free GUI apps.
cintch -c ~/Documents
checks integrity hash tags on all files in ~/Documents.
The new package is available from here: cintch2a

cmpxat compares all extended attributes between two files, reporting any that differ.
cmpxat test1.txt test3.txt
compares test1.txt and test3.txt. Note this doesn’t include metadata contained within image, audio and video files, only extended attributes.
The new package is available from here: cmpxat3a

silnite is the command tool equivalent of SilentKnight, and checks firmware, security updates and settings. I posted this update a couple of weeks ago, so if you have already downloaded it, you don’t need to do so again.
silnite ax
runs all checks, including whether updates are available, and returns results in JSONised XML.
The new package is available from here: silnite6a

unorml normalises strings according to any of the standard Unicode forms.
unorml -c "Text to be normalised"
returns that string normalised in Unicode normalization form C.
The new package is available from here: unorml4a

The newly-signed installer packages etc. are also available from Downloads above, and respective product pages.