New Freeware menu, and Monterey compatibility

It has been a full nine months since I last updated the menu of free software available from here. Here’s a new chart:


The downloadable PDF version preserves all the links, which take you to each Product Page. However, Big Sur’s PDF generation seems to be having an off day, so its formatting is less than perfect, I’m afraid: appselectionchart0621

As there are 40 supported apps and six command tools, it will take me a while to check each for compatibility with beta-releases of macOS 12 Monterey. However, initial testing of the following against the first beta suggests that they should be largely if not completely compatible:

  • ArchiChect
  • Consolation 3
  • Cormorant
  • DelightEd
  • Mints
  • Precize
  • SilentKnight
  • T2M2
  • Taccy
  • Ulbow
  • xattred

SystHist is partly compatible, but doesn’t yet display macOS updates properly. This is because its parsing code has to be customised for each macOS major release.

If you’re beta-testing and come across any problems, please let me know.