Consolation 3.13 fixes time issues and improves command output

Consolation 3.13 finally puts to rest the problems which surfaced when Big Sur changed the rules for formatting of time, particularly when you don’t use a 24-hour clock. This new version should be happy with a Buddhist calendar working to a 12-hour clock in Mongolian summer time. It should also detect any future problems which might arise should Apple change the behaviour of time formatting.

Additionally, it contains a small but potentially very useful improvememt. When you click on its button to get a log extract, Consolation displays the commend passed to obtain that. This can be of great value if you’re learning how to use the log show command, or perhaps want to repeat the command in Terminal. In previous versions, the text displayed required considerable work before it could be executed in Terminal. I have improved this, and it should be relatively straightforward to copy and paste that text.

Some additional formatting is still required, though. This involves placing any predicate inside single quotation marks, and start and end dates inside double (or single) quotation marks. For example, if the command used by Consolation is:
log show --predicate subsystem == "" || eventMessage CONTAINS[c] "backup" || eventMessage CONTAINS[c] "Time Machine" || eventMessage CONTAINS[c] "TimeMachine" --info --signpost --start 2021-04-22 21:42:35 --end 2021-04-22 21:43:35
you’ll need to enter the following to get it to execute correctly in Terminal:
log show --predicate 'subsystem == "" || eventMessage CONTAINS[c] "backup" || eventMessage CONTAINS[c] "Time Machine" || eventMessage CONTAINS[c] "TimeMachine"' --info --signpost --start "2021-04-22 21:42:35" --end "2021-04-22 21:43:35"

The remaining gap is the result of different formatting conventions when passing parameters within Swift.

Consolation version 3.13 is available now from here: consolation313
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.