SilentKnight version 1.11 now supports individual updates

Recent problems with some of Apple’s security updates have led many users to want to be able to download and install some but not others; MRT version 1.68 is the most recent example, particularly for those running El Capitan or Sierra. In the past, I have considered that the ability to install individual named updates is more the task of LockRattler, with its less simplistic approach. However, the time has come to offer this feature in SilentKnight too.

Rather than trying to cram this into its clean main window, I have added a menu command to Install Named Update…, in the File menu. When SilentKnight reports that there are updates ready to be installed, rather than clicking on its Install all updates button, open the SilentKnight Updater window using that menu command.


In the list of available updates in the main window, select the name of an update you wish to install. Updates are normally listed across two lines, with the first containing the name of the update, which shouldn’t contain any spaces. Copy that name, and paste it into the text box at the top of the Updater window, then click the Install Named Update button.

SilentKnight will then request only that update and install it. Repeat this procedure for as many named updates as you wish to install.

I hope this provides flexibility without making SilentKnight cluttered or complex to use. This is in addition to the Install all updates button in the main window, which still downloads and installs all available updates as before.

SilentKnight version 1.11 is now available from here: silentknight111
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.