Mints now provides two more tools

I am continuing to add new features to my collection of log and other tools in Mints.


Version 1.0b7 adds two new tools. One provides a detailed listing of the capacities of all volumes currently mounted in /Volumes, each of which should run something like
Free space on /Volumes/Macintosh HD is 396.52 GB
out of total 1 TB
used space 603.72 GB
available for important usage 399.02 GB
available for opportunistic usage 386.67 GB
Sparse file storage availability = true
Journalling NOT available


Code for this uses the macOS File Manager, which seems to be as reliable as possible, and much more accurate than anything shown in the Finder. This is taken from an old tool which I developed to look at problems with sizes in APFS, but never did anything further.

The other tool provides a detailed examination of your keychains, which is essentially identical to that in KeychainCheck 2, from which its source is derived. I intend to cease further development of that app, and to concentrate on improving this module within Mints in future. Information provided about keychains is comprehensive.


The other significant improvement is that most if not all text views can now be saved using the Save… command in the File menu.

Mints version 1.0b7 is now available from here: mints10b7
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.