Scrub is now a Universal App, and fixes crashes with QuickLook

Scrub version 1.2 is its first release as a Universal App, superceding previous versions. It should run natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, on all versions of macOS from El Capitan to Big Sur betas.

This new version also addresses some of the issues surrounding the QuickLook cache. Prior to Mojave, this had the potential to leak previews of files, which often revealed their contents in considerable detail. The QuickLook cache became a DataVault in Mojave, which has effectively blocked attempts to access it and break privacy. Existing features in Scrub sort of worked, but as it was impossible to discover the size of the cache, or whether it had been flushed properly, that had to be taken on trust.

Big Sur changes this with more aggressive behaviour towards all attempts to gain information about, or manipulate, the QuickLook cache. When running on Big Sur, older versions are likely to crash whenever you try to run an audit, let alone scrub. I have therefore disabled QuickLook cache operations on all versions of macOS from 10.14 onwards, and this version shouldn’t therefore crash or misbehave when running on Mojave or later.

It’s now available from here: scrub12
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page (which gives full details about the app and its features).

If you’re running an Intel Mac and have any problems, please let me know. I’ll leave the Intel-only version 1.1 available on the Product Page in case you’d prefer to revert to that.

This is the last of my apps and command tools which I intend porting to Big Sur, or to run native on Apple Silicon Macs. If you think that I’ve forgotten any, please let me know.