Mints now uses a faster algorithm for checking Universal Binaries

Having explained yesterday how you can examine a Mach-O file and determine whether it’s a Universal Binary, and whether it supports Apple Silicon, without calling the command tool lipo, I’ve now incorporated this into a new version of Mints, 1.0b5, which is itself a Universal App.

This should bring significant performance improvement when checking substantial folders containing many Universal Mach-O files. Although these are most likely on Apple Silicon and Intel Big Sur systems, as developers roll out Universal versions of their software, they should become increasingly common. At present, this tool in Mints only reports Universal Apps and Binaries; a future version will offer the option to report software which doesn’t yet support running native on Apple Silicon. I think we’re some way yet from wanting to do that.

Mints version 1.0b5 is available now from here: mints1b05
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.