Solutions to Saturday Mac riddles 49

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Mac Riddles, episode 49. Here are my solutions to them.

1: monitor
I watch you like a prefect (a monitor), as you watch me (you watch the monitor or display). What am I?

2: Logic Pro
Syllogisms (logic) from an expert (pro) produce sweet music (what Logic Pro is designed to do).

3: Which Mac OS X engineer coined the backronym which was corrupted by an Italian to form the original name for its (micro)kernel? Avie Tevanian
When Avie Tevanian was working at Carnegie Mellon University, it was he who suggested that their new microkernel should be named MUCK, for Multi-User Communication Kernel. This was misunderstood by another of its developers, the Italian Dario Guise, who spelled it Mach, which was then adopted as its name. Tevanian went on to become head of software at NeXT, then Chief Software Technology Officer at Apple, until he left in March 2006.

I look forward to your putting alternative cases.