Ulbow version 1.2 is released, with extensive support for logarchives

I’ve had no reports of bugs in the last beta-release of Ulbow, nor are there any outstanding feature requests. I’m therefore delighted to release version 1.2, which has many new features compared with 1.1.


These are mainly in its support for Apple’s ‘portable’ logarchives, which can be acquired from the full range of Macs and Apple’s devices. Features include statistical analysis of individual tracev3 log files within a logarchive, and independent creation of logarchives from structured collections of log files. This also fixes a bug resulting from the use of custom styles containing additional whitespace in their string definition.

Compared with the last beta-release, there have been no significant changes in code, but this release version has been built with the latest version of Xcode, and I have added to its documentation too.

Ulbow version 1.2 is now available from here: ulbow12
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.