Saturday Mac riddles 33

Here are this weekend’s riddles to entertain you through family time, shopping and recreation. Because this is the 33rd episode, each consisting of three riddles, I have added a fourth to bring the series to a round hundred.

1: My first is a hurry or rush, my second almost anything flat. Together they make a collection of widgets, now lost. What am I?

2: I came at a brisk marching pace almost thirty years ago, brought you movies and more, then all but vanished last year. What am I?

3: I’m a loose collection held together, and could be anything from app to plug-in so long as you give me an identity. What am I?

4: Which letter is common to servers, the SDK, and a clustered file system?

I will post the answers first thing on Monday morning.

Please don’t post your answers as comments here: it spoils it for others.