Cirrus version 1.9 has several important improvements

Following the improvements I have made to Taccy and some of my other utilities, it’s now the turn of Cirrus to be brought up to date. Cirrus is my free utility for working with and diagnosing problems in iCloud: it provides two different ways to browse your files in iCloud, a standardised upload test, and a diagnostic feature which extracts relevant entries from the log.

This new version:

  • uses the same system monospace font for log extracts as in Consolation and Ulbow,
  • adds log entries from the kernel to its log extracts,
  • tests whether the current user is a member of the admin group, to determine whether to offer the log browsing feature,
  • when running in Catalina, hides the option to remove privacy in the log, as that is no longer available in 10.15.




Cirrus version 1.9 is now available from here: cirrus19
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and through its auto-update feature.