Consolation version 3.7 uses a monospace font and more

There are two features in Ulbow which I wanted to incorporate into Consolation, but didn’t have time to do so for version 3.6 released a week ago. I have addressed this and improved its interface in Consolation version 3.7.

This offers three substantial improvements:

  • It now uses the same monospace font as used by Ulbow. The difference in versions of macOS up to Mojave isn’t great, but in Catalina, with its new monospace system font, it is a huge improvement.
  • I have incorporated the same option to limit the number of log entries displayed, here integrated into its dialog-based interface rather than as a menu command. One of the commonest problems of browsing the unified log is that the period you’re interested in contains tens of thousands of log entries. By applying a limit to the number to be displayed, Consolation remains highly responsive when working with such large extracts, and never spins the busy spinner or the beachball. This allow you to refine your predicates and filters interactively, without having to keep waiting for the log entries to refresh.
  • You no longer have to press the Tab/Enter/Return key after entering a new Period for that change to be recognised. This has been one of the biggest complaints about Consolation. There is a small side effect, though, in that when you switch from directly editing the Period to using the stepper, you may see the number jump suddenly.



Consolation version 3.7 is now available from here: consolation37
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and through its auto-update feature.

I would also like to remind those who have been testing Ulbow that I intend proceeding to its first release in the next few days. If you have any bugs, issues, or feature requests, please get them in or they won’t make that first release.