SilentKnight 1.2 now reports the expected iBridge version

If you have a Mac with a T2 chip and have applied the latest macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update (‘take 2’), you should have noticed that the iBridge version changed. As far as I can remember, this is the first time that that firmware version number has changed without a full T2 firmware update.

Although my utilities SilentKnight, silnite and LockRattler each report iBridge versions for T2 Macs, the first of those currently doesn’t compare the iBridge version number given against its database, although that does contain the information. This new version of SilentKnight does now show the expected iBridge version from my database in its full report, which should allow you to detect any discrepancies should they arise. Because I expect separate iBridge updates to remain very unusual, it doesn’t treat this in the same way that it does the full EFI firmware version, as a failure.

For all users, I have also made a further minor tweak to saving main window size and position, which you may find helpful, and added a reference to the FAQ to the Help.

SilentKnight version 1.2 is now available from here: silentknight12
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its built-in update mechanism.