Bailiff version 1.4 checks its own code integrity and is ready for Catalina

Bailiff, my menu bar utility for managing iCloud storage, has been updated to version 1.4. This now checks its integrity each time that it is run, and is ready for Catalina. It runs in versions of macOS from El Capitan to Catalina.

I have considered whether to add automatic checking for updates, but currently think that would be a bad idea. Bailiff is intended to be installed in your menubar and opened automatically each time your Mac starts up. If it were to check for its own updates, this could present you with the invitation to download an update when what you want to do is get your Mac up and running. Being a relatively simple utility, it doesn’t need updating often either. So for the moment Bailiff doesn’t automatically check for and offer updates, but I’m open to suggestions.

Bailiff version 1.4 is now available from here: bailiff14
from Downloads above, and from its Product Page.