Command tools updated for Mojave and Catalina: alisma, cmpxat, unorml

Having negotiated my way around the processes of hardening, signing and notarizing command tools, I have now prepared updated versions with Installer packages of my remaining command tools. These are available for download now, and I recommend that these updated versions are used in bothe Mojave and Catalina.

alisma creates and resolves Finder aliases at the command line. For example,
alisma -a sourcefile aliasfile
creates a Finder alias to the file at sourcefile in the alias file aliasfile, and
alisma -p aliasfile
resolves the alias file at aliasfile to return the full path to the original.

alisma 2 is available from here: alisma2
from Downloads above, and its product page.

cmpxat compares the extended attributes of two files, returning a list of those which differ. For example,
cmpxat test1.txt test3.txt
compares the xattrs of those two files, and (as they differ here) returns are different

cmpxat 2 is available from here: cmpxat2
from Downloads above, and its product page.

unorml normalises Unicode strings into their normalised forms, returning the normalised string. For example,
unorml -d 'café'
entered in the default C normalisation form returns the D form:

unorml 3 is available from here: unorml3
from Downloads above, and its product page.

Although these are quite specialist tools, I don’t know of any alternatives. If you do need to perform these tasks at the command line, or in a script, they should prove invaluable.