Update to Nalaprop to parse natural language

I’m delighted to announce the availability of a new version of my free natural language parsing tool Nalaprop, which has undergone an extensive overhaul.

One of the many new features built into Mojave (it only runs on Mojave and later), natural language parsing was detailed at WWDC a year ago. This enables Nalaprop to analyse multi-lingual text in any combination of eight different languages, from English to Russian, which are support by Mojave at present. It can also recognise but not yet analyse a much wider range of languages.


Nalaprop then displays the parsed text using different colours to indicate which parts of speech they are, or which language, or even what their word roots or lemmas are. It also performs word frequency analysis, which can either be on literal words (so is, are, and be are each totalled individually) or on word lemmas (which would lump them all together as forms of the verb be). If you’ve got a little patience, it will even analyse long novels such as those of Charles Dickens.

Its parsing is valuable for anyone learning a language, or wanting deeper insight into grammar. Comparable tools are generally very expensive, awkward to use, or both.

This version has a new Help book of well over two thousand words and 18 pages in length which shows you how to use all its features, and now checks its code integrity each time that it opens. It also supports automatic checking for updates, and will download them for you when you wish. It’s strongly recommended for all users.

Nalaprop version 1.0b10 is available from here: nalaprop10b10
from Downloads above, and from its product page.