Three updates to make updating easier: T2M2, xattred, Revisionist

As promised, I’m now working my way through my popular free apps and adding support for my new method of automatically checking for updates, and downloading them if the user chooses.

Today, I offer three: T2M2, my utility for checking that Time Machine backups are being made correctly and diagnosing their problems, xattred the extended attribute editor, and Revisionist the macOS version utility.

xattred 1.1 is now available from here: xattred11

T2M2 1.6 is now available from here: t2m216

Revisionist 1.4 is now available from here: revisionist14

and each is available from Downloads above, and their respective product pages.

xattred and T2M2 won’t have any update available through the automatic checking system until I release the next version, which will probably be later in the summer, when I have prepared them fully for macOS 10.15.

If you downloaded Revisionist 1.3 when it was released on Monday, you should find that version automatically checks for and offers to download this new version, as I have explained. Please let me know here or on the Revisionist Support page if you encounter problems. Remember that by default it will not check more frequently than once every twelve hours.