Pratique version 1.0 released to fix document quarantine woes

I have made one last tweak to Pratique, my free tool for clearing the quarantine flags on documents to work around current issues with security errors. This involves two minor but significant issues:

  • The previous beta-release of Pratique changes the quarantine flag from xx8x to xxCx, which clears quarantine. However, when the same operation is performed by macOS, it prefers xxEx instead. This new version follows suit.
  • Normally, it’s impossible to tell what has cleared a quarantine flag. However, when saved in a quarantine flag, the settings are in UTF-8 text, and macOS invariably specifies them using lower case letters for the hex numerals a-f. When used by macOS, both upper and lower case are handled identically. So this new version writes xxEx for the flag, which distinguishes the flags which it has changed from those of macOS, which appear as xxex instead.

From this version of Pratique on, you can therefore tell when it has changed a quarantine flag, as it will appear as 00E3 instead of 00c3 (the previous version) or 00e3 (macOS).

The first release version of Pratique is available from here: pratique10
from Downloads above, or from its Product Page.